Friday, June 26, 2009

एक खुला ख़त - I love Sarkozy

Hi My Contemporaries,

I love Sarkozy. Last time when I had heard of a similar stand taken by any Head of the State was Akbar with his 'Din-e-Ilahi'. That was in 16th century India, and we were too young then to meet Akbar and congratulate him. Joseph Stalin, with all his other political shortcomings, again succeded in doing a good job of eliminating orthodox religious practices in the 20th century Russia. We again missed the we were too young even then. Now that we are rich with our years, let's congratulate Sarkozy. Don't you think so?

Advent of Islam unified the nomadic tribal social fabric of Arabia where political constitution of that particular geophical region could not have possibly been separated from concocted and subsequently inflicted fear called religion. But that was in 7th century AD. This is 21st century AD. We still continue to get indoctrinated and inflicted with that obsolete fear. These guilt inflicting practices in the name of religion still exist. Now let us not mix up issues. Churches, Temples, Mosques or Synogogues etc. etc. can not govern matters of a democratic State. If religion has to exist, it should not infringe upon the individual rights. Else it has to go...and it WILL go, because human survival instincts will resist impositions. Natural genetic evolution process is thankfully too selfish, hence it will find its way to continue to retain its ability to survive, and it is too strong to succumb to any man made impositions.


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